Systematic or scoping review

A systematic review is a literary review which, through a transparent process, seeks to identify, value, select and compile all available research within a clearly defined topic or research question. A systematic review attempts to be an exhaustive literature search within a specific topic where all results are considered. We also offer search consultations for scoping reviews. The purpose of a scoping review is to provide an overview of the available research evidence without producing a summary answer to a discrete research question.

Read more about systematic reviews in our research guide.

We can help you with your literature search

If you order a search consultation from us we will help you fine-tune the research question, inclusion- and exclusion criteria. We will suggest databases, resources and screening tools and give guidance through the different stages of the systematic review.

First, we invite you to a meeting to discuss the details of the search consultation. After the meeting, we perform a preliminary search. Once you have approved it, we perform the search in the agreed databases and deliver:

  • a reference library that you can open in your reference management software
  • the search strategy, showing exactly how we searched
  • a list of included references from each database before deduplication.

Please note that time of delivery may vary depending on the consultation. We can usually deliver literature searches within 3 weeks but more extensive searches require additional time. If we have many consultations, your order may be placed in a queue. Please contact us well in advance.

Order a search consultation

When you order a search consultation we would like you to include some information about your subject. If you plan to work with a PICO, you can include the PICO in your order.

Order consultation

Order using PICO

PICO is suitable for clinical questions

Example: Does naproxen offer more efficient pain relief than ibuprofen for patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis? 

Population: Patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis
Intervention: Efficiency of pain treatment with naproxen
Control: Compared with ibuprofen
Outcome: Improved pain treatment, higher quality of life, less pain 

Last modified: 2022-08-25