Rules for using electronic resources

As a Library user, you can freely print out or download to you own computer most of the e-resources the University Library buys or subscribes to.

However, the agreements the Library has with its suppliers do not permit systematic downloading of whole or large parts of the content of a platform or a database.

What is permitted?

  • digitally download occasional documents for non-commercial purposes, i.e. download occasional documents to a user’s hard drive.
  • printing a downloaded document

What is not permitted?

  • Download large amounts of articles or entire databases
  • Download the complete content of a journal or journals
  • Forward a downloaded document to another person

For certain resources, there may be limitations to printouts and downloading. This applies in particular to e-books, where the content is primarily intended to be read straight from the screen. Read more about terms and conditions for use of various e-book platforms.

Vendors monitor downloads, and abuse (such as extensive downloading) may result in the suspension of access to all e-journals from that vendor for Uppsala university as a whole.

Last modified: 2021-06-03