Guidelines for filming, photographing and sound recording on Uppsala University Library's premises

We do our best to enable filming, photographing and sound recording to make the library collections available and to disseminate the University's research through, for example, filming or photographing at interviews with researchers.
Filming on Uppsala University's premises requires permission. Prior to filming, staff and visitors must be informed in writing in advance and everyone is at liberty to refuse to participate in photos and films.


  • No filming or photographing in public areas during opening hours, since this may disturb students and researchers.
  • No filming or photographing is allowed in reading rooms during opening hours.
  • Filming or photographing in restricted areas must be accompanied by a member of staff, at all times.
  • Large sections of library collections are protected by copyright. This means that it is not allowed to film or photograph and distribute material without the consent of the copyright holder. A written agreement with the copyright holder is required and must be provided by the person who wishes to film or photograph. Uppsala University Library is not responsible for the use of photographs and films.
  • Library staff handles all material belonging to the Library and decides whether the material is in good enough condition to be used for filming and/or photographing.
  • After an application for permission has been submitted, an agreement covering the terms is written and signed before filming and/or photographing can take place.
  • When publishing or in any other way disseminating the film/pictures, it must be stated that they show objects from Uppsala University Library or have been filmed on the Library's premises.
  • We do not permit filming/photographing for commercial purposes.


Requests for permission to film and/or photograph in the Uppsala University Library's premises must be sent at least two weeks in advance via the form below.
Questions answered by Ask the Library, phone 018-471 39 00.

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Last modified: 2022-07-21