Ordering interlibrary loans and copies of articles

Books and articles not held at Uppsala University Library can be ordered from other libraries. This applies to students, researchers and employees at Uppsala University and at Uppsala County Council.

What can I order?

  • You can order printed books that are not held at Uppsala University Library. You cannot order a book that is out on loan, only available on site in the library or only available as an e-book.
  • E-books are not available on interlibrary loans.
  • You cannot order an entire magazine, but you can order paper copies of individual articles.

Ordering books and articles

Ordering books

Books are searched for and ordered in Libris. If the book cannot be found in Libris, you can place a manual order using a form. To place an order, you need to have an account in Libris (see below).

Search and order in Libris

Ordering copies of articles

To place an order, you need to have an account in Libris (see below). If you have found the reference to the article in one of the library’s databases, you can also place the order directly via a link in the database. You then pick up the copy at the library.

Order article copies

Creating an account in Libris

In addition to being registered as a borrower with us, you need an account in Libris. When you create your account, you select the library where you want to pick up your orders.

Create an account in Libris

How long will it take?

Books from Sweden have a delivery time of about two weeks. Books from foreign libraries take longer. Copies of articles are often delivered faster than books.

Loans and picking up material

  • You will receive an e-mail from Libris when the book arrives.
  • At some of our libraries, it is only possible to pick up interlibrary loans during times when the library is staffed. These include Karin Boye Library, Blåsenhus Library, Library for Economic Sciences and Dag Hammarskjöld and Law Library.
  • The period of the loan may vary. The lending library determines the period of the loan.


Do I need to pay for interlibrary loans?


  • Our first choice is to order from Nordic libraries. These orders are free.
  • If the book is not available in a Nordic country, there is an additional cost. If so, we will contact you and ask if you would like to order the book anyway.

Copies of articles

  • For students, it costs SEK 80 or more for a copy of an article (see below). You pay when you pick up the article at the library.
  • Researchers and employees at Uppsala University and Region Uppsala do not have to pay for copies.



Price for researchers/employees

Price for students

Books within the Nordic countries

No charge

No charge

Books from libraries outside the Nordic countries (per book)

SEK 200

SEK 200

Copies of articles

No charge

From SEK 80

Last modified: 2023-03-02