Support for students with reading impairments

Students with reading impairments have the right to borrow customised course books. Legimus, via MTM, offers talking books, e-textbooks and braille books. To start an account, you need to book an appointment for registration and introduction.

More support from the University

Students at Campus Gotland may also contact 

Book an appointment for registration, introduction or guidance

If you have a reading impairment, you can make an appointment for registration and introduction to Legimus. We offer individual introductions in English, as well as group introductions in Swedish.

All meetings take place online in Zoom. During the registration you'll need to show an ID card or passport.

You can also book an appointment for introduction or assistance with speech synthesis, spelling and reading software. See the software we offer support for further down the page.

If you can’t find an available appointment, please contact, and let us know if you prefer an individual or group introduction.

Book an appointment

Transfer an existing Legimus account

Do you already have a Legimus account from another library? Apply for a transfer of your account by sending an e-mail to Please include your personal identity number.

You are welcome to make an appointment to learn more.

Ordering recordings of course books

If your required course books are not already available as talking books at Legimus, we can help you order a recording from MTM. It takes 8–12 weeks to record a book, so plan ahead.

To order customised course books you need to

  • have a reading impairment
  • have a Legimus account
  • be a student at Uppsala University.

Please note: You can only order required course books. Also, it is not possible to order parts/chapters of course books.

You need to log in with your student account to be able to order. If you have not received it yet, please contact

Order a recording (student)

As a teacher on a course, you can order recordings for a student. As part of "Klart till kursstart" you can also place an order that is not bound to a specific student. This means that you can order books as an anticipatory measure for upcoming courses.

Order a recording (teacher)

Reading studio and digital tools for studies

There is a reading studio at Blåsenhus Library that can be used as a study room. It is open during the library’s opening hours. Students who have booked the reading studio have priority to the room.

In the reading studio there is a computer with software that can be helpful for students with reading disabilities. It also has a scanner that can be used to convert text to speech.

Book the Reading Studio


Speech synthesis and spelling

The University provides access to TorTalk, Spell Rex and SpellRight.

Reading software

MTM provides access to the reading software Easyreader for talking books and Textview for e-text. More information about the software is available on Legimus' website, where you can also download the software.

Last modified: 2023-09-13