Information to libraries about interlibrary loans at Uppsala University Library

Libraries with access to Libris Interlibrary Request system should use that system to make their requests. If not, please use the service Ask the library for questions and requests for interlibrary loans and document deliveries.

Loans are free of charge for libraries in the Nordic countries. For article copies there is always a fee.

If you have questions about interlibrary loans, please contact Ask the library.

We will send articles from printed and electronic journals by email to Swedish, publicly financed libraries. The article must be printed and delivered to the end-user in paper according to Swedish copyright law.

To other libraries, articles may be sent by mail.


Copies Loans
Libraries in the Nordic countries 80 SEK (1-39 pages) Free
Non-Nordic countries  2 IFLA vouchers (1-19 pages) 2 IFLA vouchers

Lending rules

  • Monographs – open loan period, 30-90 days and two renewals
  • Journals – non circulating. Article copies may be requested against a fee
  • Text books – non circulating.
  • Swedish small prints/brochures (1-32 pages) – non circulating, can be copied against a fee of 80 SEK
  • In-house loans may be send to libraries with a reading room
  • Swedish fiction - non circulating, with exceptions for University libraries and non-swedish libraries
  • Special collections and printed material printed before 1851 are non-circulating material.