For the benefit of research and the general public, the Library is digitising large amounts of unique materials that are difficult to access.

For the benefit of research and the general public, the Library is digitising large amounts of unique materials that are difficult to access.

Everything that the University Library digitises will be directly searchable and freely accessible to everyone. We store and publish the files in Alvin—a platform for digital collections and digitised cultural heritage materials which is managed and developed by Uppsala University Library.

Our goal is to achieve a work flow that is as cost-efficient and quality-assured as possible. This includes planning, coordination, production, preservation, cataloguing, scanning/digital photography, image processing, storage and publication. Read more about how we work at Guidelines for digitisation at Uppsala University Library.

Our long-term goal is to digitise all materials that our users could be interested in but for practical reasons, we have to prioritise. As a user, you can be part of this process and influence which collections are digitised:

Use digital collections

Digital collections - a selection of digitised works and collections from Uppsala University Library

What shall we digitise? Please submit a request!

Naturally, the University Library wants its digital collections to be of as much use as possible and therefore we are very happy to receive suggestions about materials we could digitise. Perhaps you would like to use them for your degree project, research or teaching? Please send a suggestion to us, explaining what you think that specific material should be given priority. We are especially interested in materials that comprise an entire collection (e.g. materials with the same provenance or author, a certain year or theme) and which fulfil the Library’s selection criteria:

  • Materials with no legal restrictions regarding publication and dissemination.
  • Unique material, that is, material that does not exist in any other library, archive or museum. A copy or a collection may also be unique with regard to, for instance, its provenance or the collection it belongs to.
  • Materials that are of wide public interest.
  • Fragile materials that need to be protected from wear and tear.
  • Material that does not already exist in digital form.

If you are only interested in a few works or if you need the material within a few weeks, we ask you to order digitisation instead.

We plan and conduct digitisation projects

Contact us if you are planning to apply for funding for a project that involves digitisation. The Library has a clearly defined process for the digitisation of materials and members of staff with designated roles. Together with well-developed systems support for storage and publication in Alvin, this means the Library can act as a partner that will make it easier for you to realise your project.

We will help you with cost estimation and the planning of practical work tasks.
Once you have received funding, the Library will appoint a contact person for your project.

Ordering digitisation

You can order digital copies of all the materials in the Library’s collections that are not copyrighted. Prices and delivery times are stated in the price list. The digital copies will be delivered to you and at the same time made searchable and freely downloadable for the public in Alvin – a platform for digital collections and digitised cultural heritage materials.

Ordering digitisation

Ongoing digitisation projects at Uppsala University Library

Last modified: 2022-07-21