Create a link to the library e-resources

If you want to create a link to an article or e-book that the University Library provides it is important to add a proxy prefix to make it accessible off campus. Note that remote access is only possible for students, researchers and employees at Uppsala University.

The proxy prefix, that should be placed in front of the URL, looks like this:

Here is an example of a direct link including the proxy prefix:

Many URL:s for electronic articles and books include session data and can only be used temporarily. Therefore it is important to always use persistent links.

Many publishers, for instance EBSCO, assign permanent URL:s to their articles and books. These links can safely be used in reading lists etc. Look for phrases like “persistent link to this article” or “Bookmark this page as”.

Other publishers, i.e. Elsevier Science Direct, assign DOI:s (Digital Object Identifiers”) to their articles and books. These identifiers are persistent and will work even if the objects are moved to other URL:s. Here is an example of a DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2016.03.045. In order to reach the article or book you need to place the following in front of the DOI:

Together with the proxy prefix the link will look like this: