Search help

Finding books at the Library

In the Library search tool you can search most of the Library’s books, periodicals, etc. Some results may be references to articles or books that Uppsala University Library does not have access to. This is because you get results from many different databases to which the Library has access – both full text databases and reference databases. If this happens, you can choose to request an interlibrary loan or suggest a purchase for the material that you are looking for.

Are you getting too many results?

If you get too many results, you can limit them by using the facets in the left margin. For example, if you only want results on material you can read online, you select “Full text” under “Refine search”. If you are only interested in books, you select “Book/E-book” under “Publication type”. 

Can’t find what you are looking for?

  • Older publications that cannot be found via the library search tool can be found in our older library catalogues.
  • Journals A-Z is a summary of the Library’s printed and electronic periodicals.
  • Databases A-Z contains a complete list of databases that the Library offers. Searching in individual databases offers more specific search methods. Note that some Swedish databases and databases within Law cannot be found via the search tool yet.

Need help choosing databases or catalogues?

Use our our research guides for examples of subject specific databases, encyclopedias and other resources suitable for your subject area.

Last modified: 2023-08-21