Open archives and preprints

There are several open archives where researchers can publish their work, depending on the tradition within your discipline. One option is to place your completed manuscript in a preprint archive before the peer-review process is completed and the article is published in a traditional journal. Please note that it is very important to first determine if this is acceptable in your contract with the publisher.

  • A selection of preprints in different subjects is available at Open Science Framework.
  • Uppsala University Library provides financial support to one of the oldest preprint archives, ArXiv.
  • bioRxiv - The preprint server for Biology
  • ChemRxiv - The preprint server for Chemistry

To find open access articles more easily, you can install plug-ins in your web browser. Through its initiative, the National Library of Sweden has compiled a list of several such plug-ins as well as archives where you can find open access research and preprints: