Oxford University Press

As of 2022 Uppsala University has a 3 years agreement with Oxford University Press that allows researchers at Uppsala University to publish with open access in 2022 Oxford Journals Collection and 2022 OUP Fully Open AccessOnly articles accepted by publisher after January 1, 2022 are covered by the agreement.

What is included in the agreement?

  • Open access publishing without an article processing charge in the new and upgraded 2022 Oxford Journals Collection which includes about 365 hybrid journals.
  • Open access publishing without an article processing charge in all open access journals (about 90) in 2022 OUP Fully Open Access.

What is NOT included in the agreement?

  • Additional costs for page charges, colour charges etc. are not covered by the agreement.

Who can use the agreement?

Researchers, employees and students who are or have been affiliated with Uppsala University when the article was written. The author must be the corresponding author to use the agreement.

What publishing licenses does the contract cover?

OUP's journals offer three Creative Commons licences: CC BY, CC BY-NC och CC BY -NC-ND.

How to use the agreement

For the publishing author OUP has a website with step-by-step instructions.

A new manuscript submission system will be implemented during the second half of 2022.

Last modified: 2022-01-24