Cambridge University Press

This is a three-year agreement (2022-2024) that gives Uppsala University the opportunity to publish with open access in all Cambridge University Press open journals.

What is included in the agreement?

  • Our agreement with Cambridge University Press covers the cost of publishing with open access in both the publisher's hybrid journals and in their fully open journals.
  • The agreement applies to the following article types: Research articles, review articles, rapid communications, brief reports and case reports.
  • The agreement also covers retroactive publication with open access. If authors have published behind the paywall, they can have their article turned into open access. (If it is requested the same year the article was published)

What is NOT included in the agreement?

  • Cambridge University Press has a number of journals that do not allow open access publishing. 
  • Additional costs for page charges, colour charges etc. are not covered by the agreement.

Who can use the agreement?

Researchers, employees and students who are or have been affiliated with Uppsala University when the article was written. The author must be the corresponding author to use the agreement.

What publishing licenses does the contract cover?


How to use the agreement

Once your article has been accepted for publication, you will receive a message from the journal asking you to complete a publishing agreement. To use the agreement you must do the following:

  • Select the agreement for Open Access publishing
  • Return the completed agreement to the journal
  • Wait for notification with a link to RightsLink's payment form
  • Log in to RightsLink (if you don't already have an account, you need to create one first)
  • To avoid having to pay any publication fee (APC), enter Uppsala University under "Affiliation Discount"
  • Confirm and exit
Last modified: 2022-01-14