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To use the agreement

  • You must be the corresponding author, the person who submits the manuscript and acts as the primary contact with the publisher.
  • You must be affiliated with Uppsala University and should also state this in the article.
  • The research should have been predominantly conducted at Uppsala University.
  • Use your e-mail address that ends with "" and enter Uppsala University as the organisation, this to facilitate identification.

What is included in the agreement?

  • Open access publishing without publication cost in both hybrid and open access journals in the Cambridge University Press Full collection.
  • The agreement covers the article types research articles, review articles, rapid communications, brief reports och case reports.
  • The following publication licenses are covered by the agreement: CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-ND and CC-BY-NC-SA.
  • Only articles accepted for publication from January 1, 2022 are covered by the agreement.
  • The agreement also covers retroactive publication with open access. If authors have published behind the paywall, they can have their article turned into open access. (If it is requested the same year the article was published.)

For further information, please visit the publisher's website.

What is not included in the agreement?

  • Other charges such as page fees, colour fees, figures etc. are not covered by the agreement.
Last modified: 2023-01-31