Publishing agreements at Uppsala University

Our OA agreements with many publishers allow Uppsala University researchers to publish open access without having to pay article processing cost (APC), or with a discount. 

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How to use the agreements

When you publish your research in an Open Access journal, you often have to pay an Article Publishing Charge (APC). By publishing within our OA agreements, you can avoid these charges or get discounts.

Requirements for using the agreements:

  1. The Corresponding author must be affiliated to Uppsala University.
  2. When you submit your paper, be sure to state your full affiliation, down to at least departmental level. The affiliation also needs to appear on the final publication.
  3. Use your Uppsala University E-mail address ending with ”” when you submit your paper.

Don't forget:

  1. The agreements are subject to change. Over time, some journals will unfortunately be removed while others are added Always double check just before submitting!
  2. Some agreements cover only certain article types. Make sure to double-check this if you plan to publish something other than an Original article/paper or similar.
  3. For some agreements, you will have to actively request triggering the agreement. For full instructions, please see the list of individual agreements below.
  4. Additional costs for page charges, colour charges etc. are usually not covered by our agreements, but need to be paid separately by the author.

Detailed information about the agreements

See details about the individual Open Access agreements:

Last modified: 2023-01-31