About open access

When you publish open access (OA), your research results will be made available online to colleagues and other interested readers worldwide. OA is based on the idea that publicly funded research should be free to read and download so that the results are freely reusable, while retaining your copyright as author. This openness is to lead to the dissemination of knowledge in society, to studies that can be repeated and to new knowledge and new collaborations. 

Open science

Open access is associated with the concept of open science, with the bearing idea that all parts of the scholarly research process should be made openly accessible.

In addition to OA, academic publishing includes access to open research data, open source code, open educational resources, open methodology and open peer review. Open processes strengthen research and provide both amateurs and professionals with the same opportunities to gain access to new knowledge.

National guidelines for open science

Providers of funding, with the EU at the forefront, have been prominent in the development of open science. At the political and national level and within academia, there are several ongoing efforts and studies aimed at a transition from a traditionally locked subscription-based publishing system to an openly available publishing system. 

Publishing using open access

There are several ways to publish using open access and make your research results freely available.

  • Publish directly in a quality-reviewed scholarly journal or with a publisher that applies open access. As a researcher at Uppsala University, you have the opportunity to publish Open Access free of charge, or at a discount, in more than 10 000 journals. On this link, you can find a guide to all the journals and publishers that are included in the Open Access agreement.
  • Green OA or self-archiving – publish in a journal or other publication without open access and make a copy available through an open archive such as DiVA.
  • Hybrid model – publish in a journal with an open access option

Through open access, publications can achieve faster and greater impact. Read more about the benefits of making scholarly results freely available and follow news in the area at the National Library of Sweden’s OpenAccess.se.

Open access in practice

Last modified: 2022-12-07