Student theses

At Uppsala University you can publish your student paper or degree project in DiVA in full text. This will significantly increase the dissemination and visibility of your paper.

Does your department publish in DiVA?

To be able to publish a student paper in DiVA, you need to belong to a department which publishes its student papers/degree projects in the repository.

To find out which departments that do this, and who your contact at the department is, check the lists of student paper publishing departments in the different disciplinary domains:

Consider this before you register a paper

In order to begin the registration process in DiVA, please make sure the following criteria are met:

  • Your paper or degree project must be approved and the full text that you upload must be the final and approved (or passed) version of your paper.
  • The paper must be in PDF-format.
  • If you use other people's pictures, diagrams etc. in your paper, you must make certain that you have the right to publish them. Read more about pictures and copyright.
  • If other people are named in your paper, you must make certain that they consent to publication on the Internet.
  • If you have included your Swedish ID number in your paper, we recommend that you remove it.

Follow the instructions

Detailed instructions on how to register student papers in DiVA are available in the "Quick reference guide for students", which you will find among the reference guides for DiVA.

Your institution may have its own complementary practises regarding the publishing of student theses. Please make sure to check your course instructions and/or contact your student thesis administrator for more information.

Publication has to be approved by an administrator

When you have submitted your paper it has to be approved by an administrator (a course administrator or equivalent) at your department before it can be published. This is why it might take a while before you can find it in DiVA.

The department you belong to and any series the paper is published in must be entered correctly into DiVA for the paper to be visible to the administrator. If you entered your e-mail address you will get a confirmation when your paper is registered as well as another confirmation when the paper is published and the process completed.

If you want to change something at a later date, contact the DiVA administrator at your department.

Your paper will become visible in many services

Publishing your student paper in DiVA will mean that it can also be found in Uppsök [in Swedish only], and finding tools such as Google. In order for your paper to be included in Uppsök and it must be uploaded and made available in DiVA as a PDF. 

Last modified: 2022-07-26