Biology Library

The Biology Library is unstaffed but you are welcome to use our digital information desk Ask the Library.

Study places

Seats for individual work 13
  - with standing desks 4
Seats with computers 4
  - with adjustable desks 2
Sofa groups 5
Areas for group work 3
Group rooms 0

Borrowing and returning books

Borrow and return

The self-service machine is located to the left when you enter the library (downstairs via the entrance from Norbyvägen). After returning material in the machine, please put it in the return box (emptied once every weekday). You may return books borrowed at our other libraries.

To renew a loan, use our online service My loans.

Books for pickup

Books that you have ordered or queued for can be found on a trolley to the left of the self-service machine.

Interlibrary loans and articles

Interlibrary loans and articles are also available on the trolley by the self-service machine. Interlibrary loans do not need to be registered in the self-service machine.

Bookable areas and equipment

  • Projection surface, including stereoscope and microscope (for staff and students)
  • Touch screen (for students)
  • VR area (for students)

Book in TimeEdit - select the area "Lagerträdet".

Food and drink

  • No food is allowed in the library.
  • Water and coffee are allowed if you have a top on your cup or bottle.
  • There is a café, lunch restaurant, and a pantry with microwave ovens in other parts of the building.

Course books

  • Geosciences
  • Sustainable Development
  • Biology

The same books might also be available at other libraries.


From the entrance on Norbyvägen, there is a door opener and lift for access to the library’s lower floor. There are lifts between the two floors in the library.

How to find the Biology Library

Visiting address: Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), Norbyv. 14
House 1 Floor K1 and 0
Postal address: Norbyv. 14, 752 36 Uppsala, Sweden

Last modified: 2022-12-02