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  • Alvin. A platform for digital collections and digitised cultural heritage, but also a catalogue of material not yet digitised. In Alvin, you find authors' archives and other personal archives, posters, portraits, letters, sketch books etc. 
  • Aurivillius and Inventariet (the Inventory) (Pehr Fabian Aurivillius, Catalogus Bibliothecae Regiae Academiae Upsaliensis). Catalogue of the books and periodicals that were held at Uppsala University Library in 1796. A large part of the material has been transferred to Catalogue - 1962, start the search there. The Inventory is a list of books and periodicals according to older inventory numbers (subject denomination and serial number) up to and including 1796. Only used together with the Aurivillius catalogue.
  • Bibliotheca Walleriana. Catalogue of medical and natural science literature (printed circa 1490s – 1940s) from the Waller collections.
  • Bruno. Digital letter database. Because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it is not available online, but can be consulted in the special reading rooms.
  • Catalogue - 1962. Catalogue of books and periodicals kept up to and including 1962. Part of the contents, but far from everything, is also available in the Library's search tool.
  • Catalogue of music scores 1970-1980. Catalogue consisting of printed and handwritten music scores up to 1980.
  • Catalogue of printed music -1970. Catalogue consisting of printed music scores up to 1970.
  • Catalogue of Swedish biography. Catalogue of a great portion of Uppsala University Library’s biographical materials like funeral sermons, panegyrical poetry and minor biographies of both Swedish royalty and private individuals. 
  • DiVA –  search for theses and other publications from, mostly Swedish, universities and colleges of higher education. Many of them are in full text. 
  • Düben database. Catalogue of the Düben collection, consisting of vocal and instrumental music from the 17th and early 18th century, mainly manuscripts. A large part of the sheet music has been scanned and is directly available in the database.
  • Index to the Manuscript Collection. An overview and orientation tool in the library's different catalogues of the manuscript collection.
  • LIBRIS  National search service providing information on titles held by Swedish libraries.
  • Almedalsbiblioteket Gotland's catalogue Almedalsbiblioteket is a combined public and university library. In order to borrow, you need a library card at Campus Gotland.
  • Occasional Poetry The Catalogue on Occasional Poetry lists the occasional poetry extant at Uppsala University Library.
  • Sermons. The Catalogue of sermons lists the sermons extant at Uppsala University Library.
  • The Library Search Tool - search for books and e-books in the Library. Older works that are not found in the search tool may well be found for example in Catalogue 1962.
  • Waller catalogue. Catalogue of Dr Erik Waller’s manuscript collection, an autograph collection of importance for history of science, with material from the Middle Ages to the 1950s.

Other catalogues on location at Carolina Rediviva

Considerable parts of our older collections are listed in catalogues that have not yet been made available digitally – these catalogues can therefore only be read on site in the Library. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the digital catalogues, you should turn to any of our information desks or Ask the Library.

Last modified: 2023-05-09