Theses and dissertations

At the Library there are new and older academic theses from higher education institutions in Sweden and many others worldwide.

If you would like to buy theses in the Acta series, see Uppsala University Publications..

Modern academic theses

Many modern theses are available in electronic form. This applies to theses in scientific subjects that are based on published research articles — ‘compilation theses’, as they are called. It also applies to many, but not all, theses in other subject areas. See Search for and find modern theses.

Older academic theses

The University Library’s collection of older academic theses published in Sweden and Finland is virtually complete for the years 1600–1855. Other terms used are ‘disputation theses’ or ‘dissertations’.

The great majority of older theses from Uppsala University may be retrieved in LIBRIS. More than 2,000 of them are also obtainable in digital form, as searchable PDF files in DiVA (see below). Older theses, but by no means all of them, from other Swedish universities may also be found in LIBRIS. When the older thesis or dissertation you are looking for is unobtainable, you can move on to searching Johan Hinric Lidén’s printed list of disputations that took place at the academies in Uppsala, Lund and Åbo (Turku), and also at upper secondary schools (‘upper secondary disputations’) and Church of Sweden synods (‘synod theses’), up to and including 1777. This list is continued in two documents compiled by Gabriel Marklin covering the period up to and including 1855. See Search for and find older theses.

Swedish extra patriam (extranational) dissertations, i.e. academic theses written by Swedes at universities abroad, count as Swedish but are not included in Lidén and Marklin’s lists. Instead, they are listed in an internal work catalogue, with other dissertations published abroad. They may therefore be ordered manually, preferably with a source reference.

Search for and find modern theses

  • The Library Search Tool – search for theses and dissertations from higher education institutions. Select Content type: Dissertation.
  • LIBRIS "Extended search" – search for theses and dissertations from higher education institutions in Swedish libraries. Click on Material type/s and select Theses.
  • DiVA - Digitala vetenskapliga arkivet –  search for theses and other publications from Swedish universities and colleges of higher education. Many of them are in full text. You can limit your search to theses only.
  • SwePub - search for articles, dissertations etc. at higher education institutions in Sweden.
  • Catalogue 1962 – search for Swedish and Finnish dissertations printed 1855-1962 by the name of the author.
  • OAIster - search for theses and other publications available for free online in full text from universities and colleges of higher education around the world.
  • Dissertations & Theses (ProQuest) – search for references to theses from universities around the world, from 1980 with abstracts. Full text versions are available from 1997 and can be ordered online. The first 24 pages are free of charge.

Search for and find older theses

Printed works

Johan Hinric Lidén, Catalogus disputationum, in academiis et gymnasiis Sveciae, atque etiam, a Svecis, extra patriam habitarum, quotquot huc usque reperiri potuerunt. 1-5. Upsala 1778-1780.

Gabriel Marklin, Catalogus disputationum in academiis Scandinaviæ et Finlandiæ Lidenianus continuatus a Gabr. Marklin. D. 1-3. Uppsala, 1820.

Gabriel Marklin,. Catalogus disputationum in academiis Sveciae et Fenniae habitarum Lidenianus iterum continuatus, annis 1820-1855. Upsala 1856.

Gabriel Marklin, Ad catalogum disputationum in academiis et gymnasiis Sveciæ Lidenianum supplementa addidit Gabr. Marklin. Uppsala, 1820.

Pehr CederhamnCatalogus dissertationum, quæ ad illustrandas res Svecicas faciunt, præsertim in argumentis historicis, ecclesiasticis, juridicis, literariis, oeconomicis, physicis, & historia naturali. Stockholm 1765.

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