Nordin Collection

The collection is named after Carl Gustaf Nordin (1749-1812). It comprises more than 2,000 volumes from the Middle Ages up to the 19th century.

Bishop Carl Gustaf Nordin was an historian, politician and a linguist. He became a student at Uppsala University in 1763 and he studied under Professor Johan Ihre. At one period he was an administrative assistant at the University Library. He was elected to the Swedish Academy in 1786.

During his lifetime Nordin collected an impressive number of manuscripts, both original documents and copies, of Swedish political history, ecclesiastical history and the history of learning. The collection contains government and legal documents as well as letters. It also contains several older collections of manuscripts that Nordin had acquired.

The Nordin collection came to Uppsala University Library in 1814 as a donation from the Crown Prince, who was later to become King Charles XIV.


A typed catalogue of the Nordin Collection is available at the Section for Manuscripts and Music at Carolina Rediviva. Download the catalogue:

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