Linnean collections

Manuscripts, books and portraits at Uppsala University Library

Linnean manuscripts

Most of the Linnean manuscripts are today at the Linnean Society of London, but of the material still remaining in Sweden, some have ended up at Uppsala University Library.

From the Leufsta Collection:

Linnaean correspondence

Carl Linnaeus' correspondence, dispersed in archival collections all over the world, is described and often digitised through the project Linnaean Correspondence. You find it in the database Alvin:

Parts of this correspondence situated in Uppsala University Library:

Lecture notes

In the Manuscript collections there are lecture notes from lectures held by CarI Linnaeus. Some of these are registered in Alvin - platform for digital collections and digitised cultural heritage:

Linnean publications

All Linnaeus' publications are to be found in Uppsala University Library, from the first edition of his seminal work Systema naturae 1735 to Nemesis Divina, which was published posthumously. We also have all the doctoral theses that were written under Linnaeus' supervision at Uppsala University. These are found together with printed literature about or with connection to Linnaeus in our Linnean Collection. A few capsules with printed Swedish ephemera in this collection is found in Alvin.

The Hammarby Collection

A collection from the Linnean Foundation at Hammarby that consists of works that belonged to Linnaeus' own library. These books formed part of the collection that was at one stage sold by Linnaeus' widow to The Linnean Society in London. Some of the books, mainly about medicine, were returned to Sweden at the end of the 19th century on the grounds that they did not fit in subject-wise. In the collection there are also books by or about Carl Linnaeus that have been donated or acquired to Linnaeus' summer residence Hammarby in the early 20th century.
From Linnaeus' Hammarby there are also some engraved plates and wall paper fragments that are now kept at Carolina Rediviva.

Linnaeus Link

Uppsala University Library is part of Linnaeus Link.

The Linnaeus Link Project is an international collaboration between libraries with significant holdings of Linnaean material. It is funded, maintained and co-ordinated by the Linnean Society of London.  Its main aim is to be a comprehensive, online Union Catalogue of Linnaean publications, facilitating research for scholars worldwide by enabling them to identify locations of titles with a single internet search.

It also acts as the official bibliography of works by and relating to Linnaeus and his legacy by using and continuing the bibliographic work of Basil Soulsby.

Last modified: 2022-09-26