The Leufsta Collections

The Leufsta Collections at Uppsala University Library consist of books, manuscripts, sheet music and engravings from Lövstabruk Manor in northern Uppland. For reasons of security all valuable works are kept in Uppsala University Library.

The Leufsta Collections were collected by the De Geer family in the 18th century. The Leufsta Library consists of around 8,500 books on natural sciences and other subject areas. The Leufsta Sheet Music Collection contains publications and manuscripts from the mid-18th century. The majority of the sheet music comes from the Netherlands. As for the Manuscript Collection, it contains mostly the entomologist Charles De Geer's own works and drafts, but also very precious manuscripts by Linnaeus and Olof Rudbeck (both the elder and the younger). The archival material from the iron works are at Leufsta bruksarkiv.

The eminent entomologist and collector Charles De Geer (1720-1778) is seen as the real founder of the library. His great grandfather was Louis De Geer, a man of finance and industry from Liège, who is known as the father of Swedish industry.

Charles De Geer was born in Sweden but at age three he moved with his family to the Netherlands where he spent his childhood and early youth. 

De Geer's collecting started early in his home town of Utrecht which abounded with bookshops and publishers. He also made visits to Amsterdam, the Hague and Leiden, all of which were of great importance for the European book trade of the time. He learnt to use book catalogues and one of Holland's leading scientists, the physicist Pieter van Musschenbroek, was his teacher. Musschenbroek inspired De Geer to study the sciences. De Geer specialised early on in entomology, the scientific study of insects, and published Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire des insectes in seven volumes 1752-1778. Seven cases of copperplates for the printing of illustrations to this work are on deposit at Uppsala University Library.

De Geer corresponded with some of the great men of science at his time both in Sweden and in Europé, as Carl Linnaeus and De Geer’s own mentor in entomology, the French scientist René Antoine Réaumur.


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