We receive legal deposits of everything that is printed in Sweden. We save most of the scholarly journals, cultural magazines and printed matter from the trade unions. As far as other periodicals are concerned, e.g. comics, weekly and lifestyle magazines, we only save a representative selection.

BrowZine - easy access to online journals

BrowZine for computers

  1. Go to BrowZine's website
  2. Click Choose my library and select Uppsala University
  3. Log in with your CAS-ID and password A

BrowZine for tablets and phones

  1. Download the BrowZine app
  2. Pick Uppsala University under Settings
  3. Log in with your CAS-ID and password A

Sync your bookshelf between your computer, padlet or smartphone by creating a free BrowZine account.

BrowZine FAQ

BrowZine Tutorial video:

  • All our scientific journals in one place
  • Create your own bookshelves
  • New issue alerts
  • Save and export articles
  • Open articles in other services (e.g., EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley)
Last modified: 2023-02-09