Newspapers and Magazines

Do you want to read today’s newspaper, or search for articles in an older newspaper?

The University Library has databases of full text newspapers, microfilmed newspapers and, sometimes, original newspapers. You can make direct searches in full text databases, or find references to articles via our databases.

About the newspaper collections

Swedish newspapers

Many Swedish newspapers are searchable in the full text media database Retriever Research (Mediearkivet). The newspapers have different start years, but some titles go back approximately 25 years, sometimes longer.

The National Library's database Svenska dagstidningar (Swedish newspapers)

At Karin Boye Library, Library for Economic Sciences and Carolina Library (in the microfilm reading room on level 5), you will find computers with full access to the National Library's database Svenska dagstidningar (Swedish newspapers). The database includes digitised Swedish newspapers from 2014 and on. The newest material is inserted with two- three months delay. In addition, the database includes a selection of older Swedish newspaper material which has already been digitised. The computers are bookable weekdays 09:00-12:00, and are free to use for everyone when there is no booking. At Almedalsbiblioteket there is a computer with full access in Room E39.

Book the computer at the Carolina Library
Book the computer at the Karin Boye Library
Book the computer at the Library for Economic Sciences

All Swedish newspapers in print have been continually microfilmed for the period 1979-2013. Many of the newspapers have been retrospectively microfilmed since their first year of publication. The National Library of Sweden was responsible for microfilming Swedish newspapers. In the National Library’s list of microfilmed Swedish newspapers Mikrofilmade svenska dagstidningar you will be able to find which newspaper titles are available to read in Uppsala University Library.

Microfilmed newspapers can be read in the microfilm reading room at the Carolina Library. The microfilm reading room is open the same hours as the rest of the library. No booking in advance or registration in the information desk is needed. While the microfilm reading room houses primarily microfilmed Swedish newspapers, there are also some foreign newspaper titles on microfilm, likewise some older Swedish periodicals and magazines (Allers, Se, Tidevarvet, Vi and more).

The microfilm reading room also has microfilm reader/copiers.

Foreign newspapers in digital form

The database Library Press Display provides access to more than 1,000 newspaper titles from 82 countries, and the full text is available for up to 60 days in back files. The content corresponds to the content in the newspapers’ print editions.

The database Factiva contains news from 118 countries in 22 different languages, including from newspapers and the business and financial press.

The University Library also offers access to some historic digitised newspapers:

Printed newspapers

Most of our libraries subscribe to a few Swedish newspapers, but they are normally only saved for a short time. A larger selection of Swedish and foreign newspapers is available in the Carolina Library (Carolinabiblioteket). Current newspapers are laid out in the Periodical Reading Room (Tidskriftsläsesalen (TLS)). The Swedish dailies are saved for a week and the foreign dailies for about one month. List of newspaper titles available in the Periodical Reading Room at the Carolina Library.

Older Swedish original newspapers (in print format) are available in Carolina Rediviva as far back as the publication year 1850. These can be ordered in or via the Carolina Library's information desk and then read in the Special Reading Room. The older historic newspapers can be searched for in a card catalogue placed in the Special Reading Room. After 1851, the Swedish newspapers are only available on microfilm.

Search and find newspapers

In addition to the databases mentioned above, you can also search for articles and newspapers here: 


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