Specific Manuscript Collections

Some of our manuscript collections are extensive and varied collections that have been bequeathed to the Library by an individual, often the collector himself. They often concern a certain subject, or a certain kind of material.

Here are some examples of specific collections in the Library's manuscript collections at Carolina:

  • De la Gardie Collection
    In 1669 Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie donated 65 volumes of mainly Nordic history and older works, one of which is the Codex argenteus and another Snorri Sturluson's Edda which is also known as the prose Edda, or the Uppsala Edda.
  • Gustavian Collection 
    Documents from the Swedish king Gustav III, as his manuscripts, letters from and to the king, and a large amount of other documents concerning Swedish history. Due to fragile condition, this collection is not available for request and study in the Special Collections Reading Room.
  • Ihre Collection
    The Ihre collection contains mainly of Johan Ihre’s manuscripts and documents, mainly historical and linguistic works, including runology. There are also books on topography, travel books and medicine.
  • Linnaeus Collection
    About twenty original manuscripts by Carl Linnaeus, some of which are extremely early, as well as just over 200 letters in his own hand.
  • Nordin Collection
    The collection is named after Bishop Carl Gustaf Nordin and contains original documents and copies concerning Swedish political history, ecclesiastic history, law and the history of learning.
  • Palmskiöld Collection
    Around 500 volumes of notes and copies mainly of political and topographical documents, even Swedish biographies from the 17th and early 18th centuries, collected by the archivist Elias Palmskiöld during the 1700s. The collection also contains a number of rare early printed works.
  • Waller's Autograph Collection
    The surgeon and book collector Erik Waller’s collection of letters and other original manuscripts from scientists, doctors, philosophers, humanists, politicians and explorers from all over the world, from the Middle Ages to the 1950s. All the documents have been scanned and are available online.  
  • Westin Collection
    In 1877 the book collector Jacob Westin donated his collection, mostly containing materials in biography, history and topography with a focus on Stockholm.

The staff in the Special Reading Room at Carolina Rediviva is happy to assist you with your searches.