Letter Collections

Letter collections are often kept together with other papers left by an individual or an organisation.

Usually a letter collection consists of correspondence that the person, or organisation, has received, but sometimes they include letters from the records creator (which could be a draft, or the original letter that has been returned). Letters are usually found in archives, but there are also other kinds of collections that contain letters, for example Autograph collections, where somebody has bought, or in some other way acquired, the letter of a famous person written in that person's own hand.

At the Uppsala University Library you can find the correspondence of Gösta Knutsson, Malla Silverstolpe, Harry Martinson, Carl Larsson and Sara Lidman and many others.

How can you find them? 

Searches for specific letter collections can be carried out in Alvin - platform for digital collections and digitised cultural heritage, among which archives of individuals.  We have more detailed catalogues of letters which you can use in the Special Reading Room at Carolina Rediviva.

Letters can also be found in the Catalogue for the Waller Manuscript Collection, which contains around 38,000 autographs from around the world, from the Middle Ages up to the 1950s.