The Gothic language

Gothic, the language of the Goths, is the oldest preserved language of the Germanic language family. It is the only preserved language of the so-called East Germanic branch of this family. This branch also included the languages of the Burgundians, Gepides, Heruli, Rugians, Scirii, and Vandals.

The preserved texts in the Gothic language are remnants of a translation of the Bible, made by Wulfila, the bishop of the Goths, in the 4th century. Wulfila was a Visigoth but, nevertheless, his Bible translation was also used by the Ostrogoths and what remains is of Ostrogothic origin. It is likely that other East Germanic tribes also used this translation.

From the introduction of: Magnús Snædal: The Gothic language, 2010.

Further reading

Snaedal, Magnús: The Gothic language, 2010

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