Gabelentz & Löbe's Edition of 1836

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The German scholars Hans Conon von der Gabelentz and Julius Löbe included all remnants of Wulfila’s Bible translation in their edition. This meant not only the Codex Argenteus, but also the Codex Carolinus and the palimpsests preserved in Italy.

For this work Löbe spent four weeks in Uppsala during the summer of 1834 collating the Codex Argenteus. At this time a rivalry had arisen between the tourists and the serious scholars. Löbe  was very concerned about the poor condition of the codex, and that tourists had priority over scholars concerning access. »We had not imagined that the manuscript would be in such bad condition«, he says, »always listening to the praising of its beauty concerning material and script. First we had the daylong work finding the sequence of the unordered leaves, and then the often hour-long work with just one passage, and so the interruptions of the difficult work when the quite frequently tourists must take the manuscript into their hands and look at it. This diminished even more the time we had hoped to spend on an extended comparison of it.«

The text edition was the first volume of Gabelentz’ and Löbe’s work. Volume 2:1 was published in 1843 and had the title Glossarium der gotischen Sprache. Volume 2:2, 1846, had the title Grammatik der gotischen Sprache. In Gabelentz’ and Löbe’s edition the Gothic text is printed in transliteration in Latin type.