Exhibition hall opening at Carolina Rediviva

Opening of the Exhibition hall at Carolina Rediviva on June 14 at 14.30.

In the exhibition you will see samples from our valuable collections that have been gathered over 400 years. In the exhibition you can follow the evolution of writing through thousands of years, the origin of book printing and how scientific discoveries spread in printed form. Through historical documents you see the development of society and democracy in past centuries.

The exhibition contains the famous Codex argenteus, as well as the earliest reasonably accurate map of the Nordic countries, Carta Marina printed in 1539, and the hand-drawn map of the city of Mexico from the middle of the sixteenth century.

Temporary exhibitions show materials on current themes:
At the new opening, we show Carolina Rediviva's architecture over the years.

We will also celebrate that it is 350 years since Uppsala University Library received a large and significant donation from the University’s chancellor Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie. Through this donation, the University Library received Codex argenteus, Uppsala-Edda and a number of other historically significant manuscripts and prints. We present a selection of these gifts, which today are some of our most treasured materials.