The Glass Room Experience - a pop up exhibition looking into your online life

  • Date:
  • Location: Engelska parken Karin Boye-biblioteket
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • Contact person: Karolina Andersdotter
  • Phone: 018-471 70 49
  • Utställning

The Glass Room Experience, a pop up exhibition looking into your online life, will take place at the Karin Boye Library on May 21-25.

The exhibit coincides with GDPR entering into force on May 25th. Each day of the week a Data Detox Bar will be open where you can pick up your own Data Detox Kit, and at 12.30 you can skip your lunch coffee and instead attend a 15 minute data detox talk.

Opening hours:
The Glass Room Experience: Monday-Thursday 8:30-19, Friday 8:30-18, Saturday 12-16

Data Detox Bar: Monday 10-15, Tuesday-Friday 11-14

Monday 21 May
Raazesh Sainudiin, Matematiska institutionen: Towards Participatory Democracy in the Big Data Age

Tuesday 22 May
Ulrika Sundling och Bo Hiding, Säkerhetsavdelningen: Riskbedömning för en säker informationshantering

Wednesday 23 May
Karolina Andersdotter, universitetsbiblioteket: Vad är data detox? Konton, kakor och kryptering.

Thursday 24 May
David Sumpter, Matematiska institutionen: Why Cambridge Analytica’s personality profiling doesn’t work

Friday 25 May
Gunilla Sundström, universitetsbiblioteket: GDPR – vad händer på universitetet och i biblioteket?