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The lab is a flexible and creative learning environment where your can explore data, multimedia and visualisation techinques. In autumn 2017, you are invited to several activities where you can learn more about data & statistics, digital research tools, publishing and reference management. Welcome to the lab at the Library for Economic Sciences.

Ekonomikum Digital Library Lab consists of a room with equipment, a series of activites and collaborations within the university. The lab aims to be a to meeting place, work space and learning environment to share experiences between researchers, teachers and students pursuing advanced degrees.

Equipment and software

The room contains different types of workspaces. When the room is used for courses and scheduled events all the spaces are reserved for that purpose. Otherwise you are free to book and use any unoccupied/unreserved spaces.

* Computer workspaces. 3 computers with software for data management, digital media production and visualisation.
* Eikon workspaces. 2 computers with software for working with the Eikon database.

As a teacher or researcher you can also book a seminar and group space with seats for up to 16 people with 4 movable tables, 1 interactive projector and 5 bookable laptops. Contact the library to make a reservation.

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Activities and events

Welcome to an exciting autumn semester where you get the chance to participate in several workshops, seminars and other activities.

A selection of events, see all events with dates and register

  • Wikipedia for research communication
  • Oral presentations in English
  • Publish your thesis
  • Breakfast seminar on Open Access
  • Academic writing in English
  • Data analysis, prediction, and simulation in ViEWS – a political Violence Early Warning System
  • Blended learning: take the e out of e-learning
  • Seminars during the international GIS Day
  • Introduction to Eikon
  • Following numbers from academia and theory into practice
Stay Tuned & Let Us know

Let us know if you have ideas or suggestions on events, equipment or guides for the lab.

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twitter: @fragauub
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