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Use Ångström Visualisation Lab

The lab is a flexible and creative learning environment where your can explore data, multimedia and visualisation techinques. In autumn 2017, you are invited to several activities where you can learn more about data & data visualisation, digital tools and publishing. Welcome to the lab by the Angstrom Library.

As a student you are welcome to use the lab when it is not used for scheduled activities. You can see when the room is scheduled in TimeEdit and you have access with your Campus Card.

As a teacher or researcher you can also book the room Ång 11240 in TimeEdit. Please consider that your bookings take precedence over student activities.

Equipment and software

The room is divided into three zones. When the room is used for scheduled activities all the spaces are reserved for that purpose. Otherwise you are free to use any zone or seat that is not being used by others.

  • Computer Workspaces. 3 computers with software for data management, digital media production and visualisation.
  • Virtual Reality with Large Screen Display. 1 VR headset with 1 large screen display and 1 computers.
  • Interactive Group Space. Seats for up to 12 people with 2 large touch screen displays.

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Activities and events

Welcome to an exciting autum semester where you get the chance to participate in several workshops, seminars and other activities.

A selection of events, see all events with dates and register

  • GIS workshop
  • Getting creative with Algodoo
  • In Swedish: Excel som verktyg i vetenskapliga studier-workshop
  • In Swedish: Touchcast-workshop
  • Introduction and workshop in Python
  • In Swedish: En kvart över, Andreas Korn berättar om Gaia Sky
  • In Swedish: Astronomiska föreningen visar rymden i VR
  • In Swedish: CAD för bygg-studenter
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Workshops without fixed dates:

  • In Swedish: CAD för bygg-studenter, 2 workshops
  • In Swedish: Astronomiska föreningen visar rymden via VR, 2 workshops

See all events and register

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