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Use Ångström Visualisation Lab

Ångström Visualisation Lab is a flexible and creative learning environment where your can explore data, multimedia and visualisation techniques.

How to use and book the lab

The lab is intended for anyone who is interested in working creatively with digital visualisation, trying working with a VR-headset and wants to learn more about programs in open workshops.

Important information when you want to book the room and use Ångström Visualisation Lab:

  • The room is available 24/7 with your campus card
  • You can book the room in TimeEdit. As a student you can book the different zones separately. Teachers and other employees always book the entire room.
  • Ångström Visualisation Lab invites to, and encourages creative work and cooperation. The zones can be used by different groups simultaneously.
  • We encourage conversation in all zones but always take consideration to fellow users of the space.

If you wish for a silent environment we refer you to the silent group rooms, or the single works stations in the library.

Equipment and software

The room is divided into three zones. When the room is used for scheduled activities all the spaces are reserved for that purpose. Otherwise you are free to use any zone or seat that is not being used by others.

Zone 1

In this zone you can find two screens, one to connect your own computer to and a touchscreen that you can use with your student ID and password A, as well as a table for group activies.

Zone 2

Try VR! Borrow the controls needed at the library’s information desk.

Zone 3

Experiment with visualization software and double screens, on your own or with a friend. Log on with your CAS-ID and password A and try out programs such as SketchUp, GIS, Adobe, MatLab or Python.

Software and guides

Activities and events


E-mail: ask.library@ub.uu.se
Phone: 018-471 39 00
twitter: @fragauub
Phone and chat available weekdays 9-18.
25 June-10 August: phone and chat available weekdays 10-13.
13-31 August: phone and chat available weekdays 9-15.