Interlibrary loans

Material that is not held at Uppsala University Library can be ordered as Interlibrary Loans from remote libraries or as document delivery service by students, researchers and employees at Uppsala University, as well as by employees of Uppsala County Council. All requests for Interlibrary Loans and copies need to be submitted using LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans.
NB! There is a fee for Interlibrary Loans from libraries outside the Nordic countries and article requests (see pricelist). Article requests are free of charge for researchers and employees of Uppsala University.

Login to LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans

Libris interlibrary loans

When you are logged in to LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans you can see your requests and their request status, you can change your contact information and you can change library. Here you also find the request form for ordering items not found in LIBRIS.

LIBRIS will send automatic email responses when your request status changes.

If there are questions or answers from the Interlibrary Loan staff, they will also be sent from LIBRIS.

When the book/copy is available for pick up, the library will send an email to you.

Log-in to Libris Interlibrary Loans.

Make a request

When you find an item in LIBRIS that you want to request, you click on the button “Interlibrary
Loan/request”, click on Log in and make your request. You have to set up a patron account in LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans to be able to make requests (see below).

What can I request and not request as an Interlibrary Loan/Document delivery?

  • Journal articles, both from journals owned by Uppsala University Library and from other libraries, can be delivered  against a fee (see pricelist).
  • Books that can be found in Uppsala University Library - in print or electronic - cannot be requested as Interlibrary Loans.
  • Text books are not possible to request
  • Journal volumes are not possible to request as loan – you can only request article copies against a fee (see pricelist).

Request form for items not found in LIBRIS

You will find an empty request form in LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans where you can fill in all details about the items you want to request. You find the form at the top of the page to the right, when you have logged in to LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans.

Any problems ordering? Contact Ask the Library, and we will help you!

HOW To make a patron account in LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans

  • To make your account in LIBRIS, you click on the link to the LIBRIS User-Initiated Interlibrary Loans.
  • Below the login box there is a link called “LIBRIS Interlibrary loans – new user”. When you click on the link you will find a list showing the libraries that offer the service, and also some brief information about what to do.
  • When you have chosen your home library, a form opens. Complete the form and send it off.
  • You will shortly receive a confirmation email from LIBRIS, and then you can log in and start ordering.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact your library and we will help you!

More about ILL

When will the book arrive?

  • After the library has sent the Interlibrary Loan request on to another library, it can take 1-2 weeks before it arrives.
  • For requests of material to libraries outside Sweden it normally takes longer time for the books to arrive. There will be an extra charge for borrowing from library outside the Scandinavian countries (see pricelist).

Checking out a loan and loan period

  • You can see books borrowed as Interlibrary Loan in the local loan system, log in to My loans.
  • The loan period for the books can differ. It is the lending library that decide the loan periods.

Renew your loan

  • You can renew your Interlibrary Loans in the local loan system. You can renew your loans twice. However, the library who owns the book has the right to recall the loan anytime after the first loan period, so the loan may be shortened.


Material Price researchers/employees  Price students
Books from Sweden and other Nordic countries No fee No fee
Books from other countries 200 SEK 200 SEK
Copies of articles from Swedish, Nordic and German libraries No fee 80 SEK (per article, 1-39 pages)
Copies of articles from other countries No fee 150 SEK (per article, 1-19 pages)