For students with reading disabilities

Students with reading disabilities or problems with mobility or sight have the right to borrow customised course books such as talking books, e-textbooks, books in Braille or with large text.

Begin by registering with one of the Library's contact persons.

Watch video on what support you can get from the Library

Course literature as talking books

The library's contact persons will help you with a login so that you can download talking books online in Legimus.

If your course book is not available yet, the Library's contact persons for readers with disabilities will help you order recordings. It takes approximately 8 weeks to record a book. During this time you will receive parts of the book as they become available.

You can listen to talking books with an mp3-player, on a computer, or in an app for smartphones and tablets.

Reading studio

The Reading Studio is located in the Blåsenhus Library and is equipped with an adapted computer station.

Contact if you want book an introduction.

The reading studio has a computer with the following programs:

  • ClaroReadPlus – a text to speech software for both Swedish and English.
  • SpellRight – spell checker for English in Word
  • StavaRex – spell checker for Swedish in Word
  • Textview – a program to read the e-textformat from MTM
  • TorTalk – a text to speech software suitable for scientific articles