eBooks-on-demand (EOD)

You may order all books printed before 1920 as e-books. eBooks-on-Demand (EOD) is a European network and digitisation service that enables users to order public domain books as full text pdf files quickly and easily from your home or workplace.

Wherever you see the EOD button, you can order the book for digitisation directly from the online catalogues (Libris, DISA, Catalogue-62, Aurivillius, the Inventory, Bibliotheca Walleriana). Just search the catalogue, select the book you need and click the button.

A user friendly interface will guide you through the ordering process. The book will be digitised and made accessible to you as an e-book.

Delivery time is 1-3 weeks. A message will be sent telling that the book is ready for payment and delivery. Payment is made with credit card, whereafter the pdf-file can be downloaded.

The price depends on the extent of the book (number of pages). The starting fee is 100 SEK, with the additional 3 SEK for every new page.

The service means that the first user who orders the digital copy will pay for the digitisation. After one month this digital copy will be published to be downloaded for free by all others.

Already digitised material is accessible from the repositories of the EOD libraries.


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twitter: @fragauub
Phone and chat available weekdays 9-18.