The Dag Hammarskjöld and Law Library is moving

8 juni 2015

In January 2016 the The Dag Hammarskjöld and Law Library will open at Slottsgränd 3, Regnellianum.

The reason for the decision to move the Library is the lack of adequate teaching premises at Gamla Torget. The Library is moving to Slottsgränd 3 to prepare space for more teaching premises and facilities for students. The result will be a concentrated education environment for the students at Gamla Torget. Slottsgränd 3 is close to the “Munken” quarter where the Department of Law is located. Munken and Slottsgränd 3 will belong to Campus Gamla Torget.

The Library will have fewer study places in the new premises, but overall there will be some 900 study places in total within the campus area, which is more than there are currently.

The premises are at present being prepared for installation of the Library’s operations – a collaboration between the Library, the Buildings Division and the university departments involved. The ambition and aim is for the Library’s activities to continue and to avoid having to close the Library. Two to three weeks will be needed to move the collections, and discussions are currently ongoing as to how to make access to the collections as easy as possible.

More information will be posted at the University Library's website,