To search in full-texts of theses and download them

How to search in full-texts

You finds the theses full-texts through:

  • word search in Google (where you will find a lot of other documents as well),
  • Libris, with links to Diva,
  • or Diva, where you find the fulltext to the right. Choose the image files, in which you can do full-text searches.

The digitised theses are presented differently depending on web browser. In some web browsers you have a menue to the left where you can do your search. In other web browsers you put the cursor on the image and click right, or type Ctrl + F. Then type the word you are looking for.

How to search in many theses at a time

You can easily search in full-text in many theses in one go. There are different methods for this: to cut and paste in Word and make your own document, or to use any of the "merge pdf"-programmes that are available free online. If you are looking for a very specific word, ypu can try to search in Google. Mind the spelling.

Cut and paste in Word (or other word processing programme)

  • Download the files to your computer
  • Mark the text and copy (Ctrl + C)
  • Open a new Word document
  • Paste (Ctrl + V).

Then you will see the OCR-interpreted text, with faults as well. You can correct the text by looking at the digitised copy, so that you have a correct text to search.

  • Do the same procedure with the next thesis, and paste it in the same Word document.
  • When you have pasted all the copied theses in one document you can search them all. Don't forget to save the document.

Use a ”merge pdf”-programme

There are many ”merge pdf”-programmes for free online. You find them by searching on "merge pdf" in Google. With these you can merge many pdf-files into one and make word searches in many theses in one go. Often you have to download the files to your own computer first.