Linnean Collection: Manuscripts

In the Library we have around twenty original manuscripts by Carl Linnaeus (a.k.a. Carl von Linné or Carolus Linnaeus) and more than 200 letters written in his own hand. Together these form a small Linnaeus collection.

The Linnaeus manuscripts are not actually kept together but are found in various other collections depending on when and how they arrived here. 

The manuscripts

Many of Linnaeus' manuscripts are found in the Manuscript collection sorted according to subject, mainly in the sections D (Natural history) and X (Biography). For example:

Others form part of the Leufsta Collection, a collection of manuscripts that come from Charles De Geer's manor house library at Leufsta:

Click on the pictures to see pages from Linnaeus' manuscripts:

From the Methodus Avium, a manuscript about Swedish birds, 1731 [D 155]

See the whole manuscript

From Linnaeus' autobiography [X 274a]

From the Adonis Uplandicus, about the Botanical Gardens of Uppsala [Leufsta Ms]


The letters

Letters from Linnaeus, but also some to him, can be found in the Manuscript collection sorted according to subject, in section G (Correspondence) and in the Waller Collection:

  • Letters to and from Linnaeus [G 152a-i]
  • Letters from Linnaeus to C.P. Thunberg [G 300q fol.]
  • Letters to and from Linnaeus also testimonials etc. [Waller Ms se-]. These are available online in Alvin.

All of Linnaeus' correspondence, including the letters that form part of the Uppsala University Library's Linnaeus collection, is published electronically by the Swedish Linnaean Society in Uppsala and the Centre international d'étude du XVIIIe siècle in Ferney-Voltaire in France.
See "The Linnaean Correspondence".  


The microfilms

Uppsala University Library also has a number of microfilms of Linnean manuscripts, the originals of which are held at The Linnean Society of London.


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