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Unique Linnean Collections at Uppsala University Library

Most of the Linnean manuscripts are today at the Linnean Society of London, but of the material still remaining in Sweden, some have ended up at Uppsala University Library. Down below you find the unique materials in our collections, of which a large part available online:

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Linnean manuscripts

From the Manuscript Collection:

From the Leufsta Collection:

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Lecture notes

In the Manuscript collections there are lecture notes from lectures held by CarI Linnaeus. Some of these are registred in Alvin - platform for digital collections and digitized cultural heritage:

The Hammarby Collection

A collection from the Linnean Foundation at Hammarby that consists of works that belonged to Linnaeus' own library. These books formed part of the collection that was at one stage sold by Linnaeus' widow to The Linnean Society in London. Some of the books, mainly about medicine, were returned to Sweden at the end of the 19th century on the grounds that they did not fit in subject-wise.

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From a stubborn root to a notable tree

Uppsala University Library commemorated Linnaeus with a unique exhibition from May 22nd 2007 to May 8th 2008. For nearly a whole year, from the 22 May of Linnaeus' tercentenary, an unusually broad selection from the Library's invaluable Linnaeus collections were on view for the public.
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To the exhibition

Related materials

Carl Linnaeus' correspondence are digitized in the Linnean Correspondence. Here you find letters from Uppsala University Library's collections, among many others: