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Harry Martinson's archive

The papers and correspondence left by writer and Nobel Laureate Harry Martinson are held at the Carolina Rediviva Library. The archive has been acquired in various stages, but the library still occasionally receives materials relating to Martinson from private individuals.

List of the content om Harry Martinson's archive.

And so it was that the Manuscript unit recently received a letter written by Martinson himself, addressed to the publisher Axel Holmström. The letter, dated 7 December 1934, was written at Johannesdal, the smallholding in Ösmo Municipality where Martinson lived from time to time during his marriage to Moa.

At that time, his published works included the acclaimed collection of poemsSpökskepp (“Ghost Ship”) and the nautical booksResor utan mål(“Aimless Journeys”) and Kap Farväl! (“Cape Farewell”). But he also wrote the book which in some ways allowed him to release himself from all his troublesome childhood memories and experiences, the autobiographical novel Nässlorna blomma (“Flowering Nettle”).In his letter – in which he also praises B. Traven’s novel Der Karren (“The Carreta”) – he comments in a postscript on Nässlorna blomma, which he regards as his ‘first real book’. “The others have been practice at writing,” he concludes.

Postscript of Harry Martinson’s letter to Holmström dated 7 December 1934: Martinson comments on what was eventually to become Nässlorna blomma (“Flowering Nettle”).

The letter has been added to the Martinson Archive with the shelfmark: H. Martinson 69 fol.

April 2010.