Manuscripts by Carl Linnaeus digitized


Detail from page of Linnaeus Flora Dalekarlica

Linnaean manuscripts from Uppsala University Library’s collections have been digitized and made available online.

Thirteen unique Linnaeus manuscripts are now digitized and available online. Among these there is an autobiography by Linnaeus, also referred to as Vita III, and three manuscripts from the formerly private collection of Charles de Geer of Leufsta, The Leufsta Collection.

Twelve of these manuscripts are by Carl Linneaus' own hand. Two other manuscripts by Linnaeus from the University Library’s collections are not yet digitized, as they are currently on display at Museum Gustavianum.

The Linnaeus manuscripts in Alvin – digital platform for digital collections and digitized cultural heritage

The digital files in Alvin are free to download and use.

In addition to these manuscripts, there are also other already digitized Linnean manuscripts from Uppsala University Library's collections available in the Waller collection and the Linnaean Correspondence.

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