Carl Linnaeus’ correspondence now in the Alvin database

15 maj 2019

handwritten envelope with address Charles von Linné at Upsal Sweden

Now letters to and from Carl Linnaeus with detailed descriptions and in many cases even with digital copies are available in the database Alvin. The original letters are scattered around different institutions around the world, but have been made available by the project The Linnaean Correspondence.

On 14 May the project The Linnaean Correspondence was celebrated at Uppsala University Library. The project is now completed. Eva Nyström, Ann-Mari Jönsson and other contributors in the project were thanked for their service.

The project aimed to publish all known letters to and from Carl Linnaeus in digital form, and over 6000 records for known copies are now added to the database Alvin. Despite the fact that the project is formally completed, more information is still being added to the records and when letters are discovered in the future, these will also be included in Alvin. This material is a valuable source for studies on Carl Linnaeus and the scientific culture of the eighteenth century.

For each letter in the Linnaean Correspondence there is a detailed summary in English with links to biographical and bibliographic databases.

Search the Linnaean Correspondence in Alvin.

The project started in 1995 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and was for a time managed by the Swedish Linnaeus Society, before the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences took over the management again until the end.

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