Uppsala University Library is a treasure trove of books, manuscripts, maps and pictures.

N.B.: The Exhibition hall at Carolina Rediviva with Codex argenteus will reopen after renovation at 14:30 on 14 June 2019.

During the renovation, samples from the now closed exhibition at Carolina Rediviva is available in a temporary digital exhibition, for example the Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus, documents from medieval northern Europe, the Uppsala Eddan and Magnus Eriksson's National Law Code. Enjoy the map of Mexico City which was most likely painted by Aztecs during the period of the Spanish conquistadors. There are also temporary exhibitions on different themes in the different subject libraries.

200th anniversary of the birth of Gunnar Wennerberg

Wennerberg was the composer of Gluntarna, popular songs about student life in Uppsala in the 1840s. The song cycle consists of duets for bass and baritone to piano accompaniment. A web exhibition produced from the collection of Uppsala University Library

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